School of Vedanta in the words of Swami Sudhi..

The School of Vedanta is the ultimate surrender of my life. Following the arduous path of sanyasa during the last twenty years I obtained the inspiration to start the School from Guru Nityachaitanya Yati. I have engaged myself in this activity with the joyfulness of gratitude. It is my stay with the great Guru that caused the sprouting of such an idea in my mind. In fact the school of Vedanta begins at the place where at least two persons can sit peacefully and contemplate on the Self. It could be a solitary spot, a quiet house, a temple, or a meditation hall. 

The idea is to start small Vedanta satsanga groups and gradually to expand them into places outside Kerala. The will be satsangas every month based on great philosophic texts like the Bhagavad-Gita ,Upanishads, Yoga sutras, Dharmapatham, Atmopadesasatakam, and Darsanamala .The authoritative texts of Zen Buddhism, Sufism and Taoism will be taken for contemplation and Self enquiry. Along with the satsangas there will be classes on meditation to ensure the well being of the mind and body.

Q. Swamiji’s books are full of quotations from Sri Narayana Guru, Will the school of Vedanta do something to teach and disseminate His philosophy?
My first joyous experience of Vedanta came from the divine words of Sri Narayana Guru. In fact for me Sri Narayana Guru is not a historical person or an individual but the ever glowing font and source of all knowledge. I can see Him as the lamp that burns for ever in my heart of hearts. Vedanta has a soft music of harmony. As I have experienced the melody of that music I have made this venture. The school of Vedanta will teach the entire corpus of the texts of Sri Narayana Guru.

Q. The term Vedanta brings to mind Sri Sankaracharya. What is Swamiji’s opinion of Sri Sankaracharya?
I see Sri Sankaracharya as the embodiment of love and knowledge. His interpretations and hymns are a hearty feast to the philosophically inclined hearts. The Indian culture and wisdom that astonished the world is the outcome of the teachings of the great master Sankara. Max Mueller, Paul Deussen and Juan Mascara have been dumbfounded by the depth of Sankaradarsanam. Even today no one can make an entry into the philosophical mind of India denying the great mind of Sri Sankaracharya.

Q. Is Swami the spokesman of any religion or caste or any political party?
Religion, caste, and politics are all social attitudes that belittle and dry up a person’s human-ness or individuality. I communicate the Vedanta philosophy as a mediator of the noble philosophic tradition of India and the world. Outwardly I exist as a human being, but I am aware of the divinity that illuminates me as well as all living creatures. That does not mean that I am greater or lesser than others. I firmly and positively hope that man will be able to rise above all divisions and fragmentations. The School of Vedanta is a sincere attempt in that direction.

Q. What does Vedanta say about Bhakti or devotion?
In Vedanta, devotion is Love for the Self. It manifests itself as love for all creation. The God of Vedanta is Love itself. Love is a natural and universal emotion. Vedanta gives it the right direction. It transforms Love into a journey towards the Self. It is the joy of the Self.

Q. Most of the Sanyasins are men. Is Vedanta inaccessible to women?
It is not proper to say that man alone can attain liberation and that women’s lives are futile. One can find women sadhakas and sanyasins in the Upanishads. The School of Vedanta does not make any gender distinction.


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