Fragrance of Vedanta

Vedanta enters the fatigued hearts as a cool touch of solace. It not only pacifies your mind but strengthens with clarity.

Modern life is only the hustle and bustle created by man, which leads him to stress and strain. Nobody has enough time to relish the serenity and sweetness of his/her Self. Vedanta relieves man of this busy mind-set and generates abundance of rest and overflowing love within you. 

Vedanta is the science of your inner life. It is a mellifluous music your great awakening as well. Although Its roots are deeply fixed in the hearts of ancient Rishis, it can bloom spring flowers in the hearts of modern man.

Since you cannot deny your spontaneity, Vedanta has relevance in all ages, with freshness, for it paves the way for your intrinsic nature

What is Vedanta?

Vedanta is the end and extinction of all worldly knowledge. Worldly knowledge is arrogance. So Vedanta is the end of arrogance. In Vedanta, true knowledge glows in its perfection. Each individual can attain this experience of perfection within himself .It is an experience free from all diversities. It is an experience that makes life meaningful.


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